WhatsApp Integration for Seamless Communication

Enhance communication with NLET's WhatsApp Integration. Effortlessly connect with stakeholders, sending updates, notifications, and important information directly through WhatsApp for effective communication.


WhatsApp Integration

Embrace the transformative power of technology in education with NLET's WhatsApp Integration. As a leading school management system provider, NLET introduces WhatsApp for Education, leveraging the benefits of social media applications for school growth and student education.

In today's digital era, technological intervention is crucial for educational institutes. NLET's WhatsApp for Education offers a 360-degree makeover, replacing traditional methods with modern communication tools. Utilize WhatsApp bot numbers for students, enabling digitalization and enhancing communication.

Say goodbye to outdated communication methods like calls and emails. WhatsApp Messenger for schools provides an advanced way to connect with parents, ensuring notifications without disruption. The introduction of chatbots for education revolutionizes communication across all generations, establishing a new era of parent-school interaction.

Features of NLET - WhatsApp Integration


  • Verified School Profile.
  • Use Number of Your Choice.
  • Broadcast to All.
  • Secure Encrypted Chat.
  • Rich Media Sharing.
  • Easy API Integration.
  • Automated Notifications.
  • Personalized ChatBot.


Benefits of NLET - WhatsApp Integrations


Maximize Reach with Rich Media Sharing

Share audio, video, documents, etc., for wider communication.


Higher Open & Communication Rate

Achieve an 80% higher open rate than SMS.


Collaborative Updates in Group Chats

Create groups for efficient bulk communication.


Professional Image on Global Platform

Showcase a professional image globally.


Build Relationships Beyond Classroom

Foster healthy relationships beyond classroom interactions.


Trust Building with Verified Account

Gain trust through a verified account (Green Badge).


Personalized Messaging for Trust & Transparency

Strengthen trust with personalized and transparent messaging.

Why Should You Choose NLET School ERP Software?

NLET School ERP software is a centralized platform with essential tools for measuring, accessing, connecting, and coordinating learning processes. It efficiently manages all school or college operations, handling daily duties and enhancing communication.

  • User-friendly for easy navigation.
  • Seamless process for enhanced education.
  • Holistic management for efficiency.
  • Advanced tools for seamless interaction.



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