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Enhance communication, streamline notifications, and ensure prompt updates with NLET's robust SMS integration solution for seamless school management.


SMS Integration

NLET integrates SMS, a powerful communication medium, enabling economical, efficient alerts for schools. Harness the potential of SMS Marketing in cost-cutting and environmental impact. Our integrated SMS system offers customized solutions with extraordinary features, keeping parents informed about fee due dates, exam schedules, PT meetings, and absentee notifications. Integrating SMS with NLET's school ERP ensures real-time awareness of students' academic progress. The convenience of these features makes the NLET SMS system an effective communication medium, transforming school-parent communication.

Features of NLET School - SMS Integration

Integrated with NLET School Management Software

  • Special Classes Alerts
  • Pre-Defined Message Templates
  • Parents-Teachers Meeting Notifications
  • Custom Messages Creation
  • Fees Due Date Alerts
  • Message Scheduler
  • Exam Schedules Communication
  • Festival and Birthday Wishes
  • Absentees Instant Notifications
  • Instant Result Updates
  • Pending Fees Alerts
  • Notify parents about pending fees efficiently.
  • Student Activity Updates
  • Urgent Notice Broadcast


Benefits of NLET - SMS Integration


Enhanced Parent-School Bond

Strengthen and transparent communication between parents and school management.


Branding Advantages

School name appears as the sender, enhancing brand visibility.


Disturbance-Free Communication

One-way communication avoids unnecessary disturbances.


Convenient Voice SMS

Parents simply press play for easy communication.


Time-Saving Voice Messages

Voice SMS saves parents daily reading time.


Flexible Message Top-Up

Easily top-up messages as needed.


Customizable Software

Tailor the software to meet specific requirements.


Transaction History Tracking

Maintain a comprehensive history of all SMS transactions.


Cost, Time, and Energy Savings

Efficient resource utilization with cost and time savings.


Language Barrier Elimination

Overcome language barriers with audio mode for certain parents.

Why Should You Choose NLET School ERP Software?

NLET School ERP software is a centralized platform with essential tools for measuring, accessing, connecting, and coordinating learning processes. It efficiently manages all school or college operations, handling daily duties and enhancing communication.

  • User-friendly for easy navigation.
  • Seamless process for enhanced education.
  • Holistic management for efficiency.
  • Advanced tools for seamless interaction.



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