School Management Software With Tally Integration

Efficiently synchronize and streamline your school's financial operations with Tally Integration. Seamlessly manage accounting tasks, generate reports, and ensure accurate financial records in real time.


Tally Integration

NLET's seamless integration with Tally simplifies accounting for educational institutions. Utilizing Tally's robust features, our system ensures streamlined financial operations, reducing redundancy. Fee transactions can be effortlessly mapped and transferred from NLET to Tally with a single click, enhancing efficiency in record-keeping, accounts management, and bank reconciliation. Experience the convenience of synchronized software that optimizes enterprise management tasks, making the entire accounting process more straightforward. As a powerful accounting solution, NLET's Tally Integration empowers schools with a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features for efficient financial management. Say goodbye to dual entries and welcome a unified system that enhances accuracy and simplifies day-to-day accounting challenges. Optimize your accounting processes with the synergy of NLET and Tally Integration, ensuring your school's financial records are accurate, accessible, and effortlessly managed.

NLET Tally Integration Features

Integrated with NLET School Management Software

  • Seamless Integration
  • Effortless Voucher Creation
  • Auto Posting by Fee Head
  • Data Migration Made Easy
  • Auto Posting by Student
  • Compatibility Assurance
  • Real-time Ledger Updates
  • User-Friendly Interface


Benefits of NLET - Tally Integration


Simplify Accounting Tasks

Automate fee collection and payment transactions.


Improve Data Accuracy

Eliminate manual data entry and data errors.


Enhance Decision Making

Generate comprehensive reports and insights.


Facilitate Communication

Send SMS and email notifications to stakeholders.


Streamline Workflow

Main Line Centralize information and prioritise tasks.


Increase Productivity

Save time and reduce errors.


Enable Collaboration

Share data and work with other departments.


Adopt New Technologies

Integrate with third-party applications and services.

Why Should You Choose NLET School ERP Software?

NLET School ERP software is a centralized platform with essential tools for measuring, accessing, connecting, and coordinating learning processes. It efficiently manages all school or college operations, handling daily duties and enhancing communication.

  • User-friendly for easy navigation.
  • Seamless process for enhanced education.
  • Holistic management for efficiency.
  • Advanced tools for seamless interaction.



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