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With NLET, you get more than just software solutions. You get a cloud-based school management software that takes care of everything you need to run your school smoothly. Whether it’s attendance, grades, or online classes, NLET does it all for you. NLET also lets you communicate and work with your school staff and students, no matter where they are in the world.


NLET School Management Software

School management software is a tool that helps schools to automate and streamline various administrative and academic tasks, such as admission, fee collection, attendance, timetable, exam, gradebook, report card, communication, online classes, and more. School management software can facilitate and improve the learning and teaching process, by providing access to various features and functionalities, such as online courses, quizzes, assignments, feedback, and more. School management software can also enhance the collaboration and engagement between students, teachers, parents, and school authorities, by enabling them to communicate effectively, share information, and monitor progress.

NLET school management software solutions in India is Nlet School, which has been developed by NLET, a web development and digital marketing company based in Jaipur. Nlet School is a cloud-based, scalable, and secure software that can manage more than 20,000 students at once. Nlet School offers more than 20 school management tool modules, such as paperless admission, exam and gradebook, fees management, timetable and attendance, parents collaboration, online classes, and more. Nlet School also integrates with various video conferencing software, such as Google Meet, Zoom, and BigBlueButton, to simplify online learning and teaching process.

Features of NLET School Management Software

  • Student information management
  • Attendance and grading system
  • Online learning and teaching
  • Timetable and scheduling
  • Parent-teacher communication
  • Reporting and analytics


Benefits of NLET - School Management Software


Real-time Updates

Receive the latest news, circulars, enrollment, classroom assignments, homework and more school activities on your smartphone


Online Learning

Access online classes and exams with video conferencing integration. Choose from various platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and BigBlueButton


Paperless Management

Simplify admission tracking, document submission, fee collection, tax calculation, and more. Save time, money, and resources


Timetable and Attendance

Create and view error-free timetables and schedules. Mark and monitor attendance easily


Exam and Gradebook

Conduct and reset online examinations effortlessly. Enter and update marks, customize report cards, and share them instantly


Digital Notice Board

Replace outdated interactive projectors with interactive touch displays. Engage students and teachers in the learning process

Why Should You Choose NLET School ERP Software?

NLET School ERP software is a centralized platform with essential tools for measuring, accessing, connecting, and coordinating learning processes. It efficiently manages all school or college operations, handling daily duties and enhancing communication.

  • User-friendly for easy navigation.
  • Seamless process for enhanced education.
  • Holistic management for efficiency.
  • Advanced tools for seamless interaction.



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